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Husband, wife set up auto repair shop in St. Boni

By Lorrie Ham for the Patriot

At The Bearded Mechanic in St. Bonifacious, Kyle and Alonna McCabe are ready to help with all of your automobile mechanical needs.  The business, which opened in November, offers a full slate of mechanical services.  It also offers the married couple an opportunity to work together toward a common goal.  They enjoy working together and say they complement each other.

After completing his training at Dunwoodsy College of Technology in 2008, Kyle worked for a number of mechanics, most recently Walt's Garage in Maple Plain, as well as repairing cars out of his garage.  With a background in customer service, Alonna runs the shop.

The pair focused on providing honest service aimed at women and families, as well as men.  As they looked for a location to open their shop, Kyle and Alonna also surveyed friends, families and even strangers to discover what customers really want.  First and foremost were honesty and trust of a good mechanic.  Comfort and cleanliness ran a close second.

The McCabes promise that customers can make informed decisions about their car repairs without feeling pushed, pressured, or patronized.  Their shop offers a comfortable waiting room, free Wi-Fi-, big screen TV, complimentary Beverages and a pair of clean restrooms, as well as a family room complete with a kids' play area, baby changing station, airs corner and sofas.

The McCabes live in Chanhassen.  After several years of searching for the perfect spot for their shop, they drove through St. Bonifacious recently and saw the property for sale on the south side of Highway 7 at the main intersection of town.

"I got shivers," said Alonna.  "We felt like it was fate."  The pair purchased the property and got to work with the necessary revisions to the shop and the cosmetic upgrades to the waiting areas.  They hires local contractors to do the work and immediately made connections within the community.

We've met great local people," said Kyle.  Many of them have already become customers.  "My goal is to do good work and create life-long customers who will spread the word about our service," he added.

The Bearded Mechanic is located at 8750 Highway 7, just east of the County Road 92 intersection.  They are open Mondays through Fridays, 9a.m. to 5p.m. and Saturdays by appointment by calling 952-479-1960.  They provide a drop box and loaner vehicles to make your life easier when scheduling a service appointment.

"We wanted to be in the up and coming area of the southwest metro, and we couldn't be more excited about our location in this sweet little town!" said Alonna.